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About Us

Lighthouse Logistics is a 3rd Party Logistics Company with Trans-loading capabilities from Rail to Truck and vice versa. We can support your shipping needs whether they require cross-docking of material from one truck to another, or from train car to truck, we can help you with everything.

Located in North Las Vegas Nevada, we give Union Pacific Rail Customers easy access to South Western United States distribution points.

Services Offered

We support various industries and businesses that have the need for:

  • Trans-loading
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Break Bulk Services
  • Various Warehouse Labor Services

We have the ability to trans-load many rail cars at one time in our 90,000+ sq ft facility. We offer customers access to Union Pacific Rail Company and their many US delivery locations.  If you need help planning your rail car service, we can help you work that out too.  We’ll connect you with the right company to coordinate your shipping schedule.

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Lighthouse Logistics USA
4501 Mitchell St, N Las Vegas, NV 89081
(702) 358-0728 Customer Service

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